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You. Always you. by goldjunge


Whatever happened in your past, did not happen. And I am your only future.

I am obsessed with you; you’re obsessed with me.

You hurt me to comfort me.
You break me to put me back together.
And I do the same to you.

I am addicted to you; you’re addicted to me.

You told me this would be a bad idea.
You warned me of the heartache.
And I did it anyway.

I like you; you like me.

When I see you, my sun rises.
When I see you, it is summer in Berlin.
When I see you, I can still hear us laugh.
But I wasn’t gonna go, and you weren’t gonna stay.
I wonder if your heart aches when you see me.
I wonder if your sun rises when you see me.
I wonder if you smile…
And if you do, will you stay?
Or will I go?


Daddy play, age play